Services Provided

CAAS services to the community includes the following:

- Complete autopsy: including removal and examination of all internal organs including the brain.
- Limited autopsy: this may include full examination of all internal organs but excluding opening the head with removal and examination of the brain. It also includes limited examination of specific organs, such as: brain only, chest contents only, abdominal contents only, single organ examinations only, (such as the heart, lungs, kidneys, etc.)
- Procurement of tissues for DNA studies only (e.g.- for paternity testing)
- Radiologic examination studies only
- Toxicology analysis for specific drugs of concern
- Microbiology testing for detection of infections
- Asbestos evaluation in cases of suspected mesothelioma
- Photographic services to document certain post-mortem findings (specific pictures upon request)

The fee for the completed autopsy, full or limited, is $2,200 and includes transportation to and from our facility. Payment is expected prior to the beginning of the autopsy unless prior arrangements have been made. We accept cash, certified checks, and have VISA/Mastercard/Discover capabilities. Checks should be payable to the Chicago Area Autopsy Service.

Additional charges will be made for consultations with attorneys, as well as for specialized studies such as toxicology determinations, paternity testing, photography, asbestos quantification, etc. Please inform us of any specialized studies that are requested prior to the start of the autopsy.